David and Goliath: Sustainable Fashion Panel with t3n


Jun 7th 2023
18:30 – 21:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
5th Floor, Cinema

Can Sustainable Fashion Brands compete with Ultra-Fast Fashion?

By combining Asian sweatshops and Gen Z consumers, Shein turned fast fashion into ultra fast fashion. As a result, it dominates the industry, leading the forefront of e-commerce.

By the numbers, Shein has:

  • 44 million users: The number of active shoppers is said to have been 43.7 million in 2021
  • 6,000 styles a day: Shein updates their website with thousands of new styles every day. Wired estimates the number of new fashion items at 6,000 a day.
  • $16 billion profit:  The fast fashion giant has quadrupled its profits to $15.7 billion in the last three years. Shein has now overtaken H&M and Zara. Shein is said to be valued at $100 billion after a new round of funding.

It's scary that a company like Shein, despite greenwashing, inhumane working conditions, and product piracy, can have such a meteoric rise today. 

Will this ultra fast fashion giant ever be stopped? Can the fashion industry still be saved?

t3n Journalist Insa Schniedermeier joins us onstage to moderate a conversation with fashion leaders, experts and sustainability advocates about how slow and sustainable fashion can take on the giants.

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  • 18:30 - 19:00
    Doors Open
  • 19:00 - 20:00
    Panel Discussion
  • 20:00 - 20:15
    Audience Q&A
  • 20:15 - 21:00
    Drinks & Networking

Till Jagla is a dynamic professional with a passion for social entrepreneurship and a strong background in brand management for Adidas and New Balance.

As the Founder of Flowers for Society, Till is dedicated to creating positive change in society through innovative and sustainable business practices. This social enterprise aims to bring joy and beauty to people’s lives while promoting environmental consciousness.

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, Till served as the Head of Energy at Adidas. In this role, he played a pivotal role in concept creation and in driving sustainable energy initiatives within the company.

Before his tenure at Adidas, Till held the position of Brand Manager at New Balance. In this role, he led marketing and branding efforts for the lifestyle division of the renowned sportswear brand. Till’s creative mindset and keen understanding of consumer preferences played a key role in developing successful marketing campaigns and establishing New Balance as a prominent player in the lifestyle market.

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Marte Hentschel is a professor for Sustainable Fashion at BSP Berlin/ Germany Co-Founder & CEO at Sqetch, Berlin/ Germany Co-Initiator at VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub.

Ariane Piper is an activist and Country Coordinator at Fashion Revolution Germany.

Insa Schniedermeier is a journalist, blogger and digital pioneer at t3n, the platform for the digital economy. She is responsible for the Startups and Digital Economy department there – and is herself a champion of the lean startup culture through and through.

After studying business administration, her inner desire to inspire people and bring success stories to light led her into journalism – initially at Business Punk magazine. Today, she reports on startups and the digital economy at t3n and interviews numerous opinion leaders from the startup and tech scene – always with a focus on how technology can help people live more consciously, healthily and happily.

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