Women in Web3: Startup Pitches with the Women Circle


Nov 15th 2022
18:30 – 20:30


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
5th Floor, Cinema

How can we build a better future in the Web3 space? And most importantly – who will build it?

Despite the fact that women are still largely underrepresented in the Web3 industry, there are many notable female leaders in the field who are leveraging the technology to create a better future.

In a celebration of women in Web3 and beyond, the Factory Berlin Womxn Circle invites women leaders to present their innovative work in the metaverse, Web3 and crypto industries.

Join us at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park to get to know impactful innovators in metaverse, Web3 and crypto.

Meet our Women in Web3

  • Su-Zeong Fröhlich, VISIBLR
  • Kitti Borissza, TZ Connect
  • Emily Furlong, Otterspace
  • Elise Cannon, Sadū

About Factory Berlin's Circles Program

Growing organically from our members’ desire to connect with one another, Circles are self-organized sub-communities at Factory Berlin. Members gather around shared interests, industries, and projects, to exchange ideas, inspire and support each other.

Alongside regular and casual meetings, the community Circles program has evolved to include monthly formal meetups supported by the Factory Berlin Team. Here, speakers from the wider network are invited to share their experience and expertise.

About the Womens Circle

Inside the Womens Circle, women gather to network and share resources — empowering each other to reach goals, make new ones and move towards them.

Discover more about Circles here.

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Kitti Borissza from TZ Connect pitches at Factory Berlin's Womens Circle event, Women in Web3.
Emily Furlong, Co-founder of Otterspace, a DAO Tooling company,pitches at Factory Berlin's Womens Circle event, Women in Web3.
Su-Zeong Fröhlich pitches her NFT project, VISIBLR, at Factory Berlin's Womens Circle event, Women in Web3.
Elise Cannon, Co-founder of Sadū, pitches at Factory Berlin's Womens Circle event, Women in Web3.

Dr. Su-Zeong Fröhlich is an Artist, Physician and Founder of VISIBLR, a NFT project for BIPoC living in Germany to make invisible aspects of people’s lives visible.

Su-Zeong Fröhlich, called Sui by everyone, sees all her passions united in the advent of web3: art, science and social impact.

Her relatively early crypto invest in 2017 catapulted the doctor and artist into her current mission.

With VISIBLR she set herself the goal to shape the discourse on blockchain-based solutions and use cases in a diverse and participatory manner because blockchain technology promises a fairer future. Therefore, VISIBLR uses art as a communication tool because she believes in its connecting and door-opening power.

She has been a speaker amongst others at Solutions:, IFA and DMEXCO. She is a grantee of the Tezos Foundation with her project VISIBLR and started her Talkshow “TokenTalk mit Sui” recorded at Karakaya Talks. She is the winner of the Womanhack Hackathon & Conference 2022 in Lisbon.

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Kitti Borissza –  Adoption & Community, TZ Connect

Facilitator of innovation & ecosystem catalyst, supporting the adoption of the Tezos blockchain by organizing hackathons & educational programs.

Before joining the Tezos ecosystem, she worked as a growth hacker and marketer (among many other roles) for pre-seed/seed-stage startups and facilitated pitch competitions & incubation programs.

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Luca Schiefer –  Product Strategy Lead, Journee

Luca Schiefer is a product strategist working at the intersection of experience design, technology and business. With a masters degree in Organisational Innovation & Strategic Design from Copenhagen Business School she joined Journee in its earliest beginnings.

Today she is leading the product strategy for the world’s highest quality metaverse infrastructure, that successfully delivered groundbreaking metaverse online cases, such as Vogue Business, BMW, and H&M.

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Emily Furlong – Co-founder, Otterspace

Emily formerly led Product for creator monetization at SoundCloud, where she developed products to help creators monetize and distribute their work, as well as better connect with their audience through direct fan to creator support.

This was when she first saw the potential of earned NFTs to express fandom in communities. She is passionate about the potential of DAOs to unlock better human cooperation and enable a more equitable distribution of value on the internet.

More recently, Emily was the Community Lead at Shark DAO and is an active contributor to Cabin DAO. Outside of work you can find Emily working on her latest creative project and learning Japanese.

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