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Organised by the Factory Berlin Blockchain Circle


This session is for Blockchain beginners and professionals.

We want to engage the community by connecting corporates and Blockchain professionals. In this session, we invite various companies to present their projects and share their learnings.


TokenAnalyst is building the core infrastructure to connect, clean and analyze blockchain data. They offer both historical and low-latency data streams of contextualized on-chain data across multiple blockchains. For the community, they provide free user-friendly SDKs which allows easy integration with your tech stack.


Jendrik Poloczek – Spending the last 6y working mainly as a Data Engineer he sees ’Trusted Data’ as the next big thing after Big Data and Fast Data. In the last two years he’s particularly interested into the intersection between the data-focused companies and the integration of trusted consensus-based data streams. As a futurist and part-time techno-philosopher, he likes to contemplate on human-machine-interaction and socializes with DAO hippies.

Website: www.tokenanalyst.io


zkSystems – scalable, mobile-adapted blockchain for usable decentralized applications

Diana Rees – Cofounder & CEO at zkSystems. Her mission is to make blockchain mainstream with zkSystems. She is a serial entrepreneur with exit experience and is passionate about decentralized technology.


OST builds blockchain infrastructure to power new economies- our APIs, SDKs, dashboards, wallets, and protocols provide everything you need to integrate Branded Tokens in minutes. OST partners reach more than 300 million users.

The Future of Tokenization: Moving from Hodl to Buidl (Paul J du Plessis (Market Development Director, OST)


Paul J du Plessis has over 10 years experience building technology and scaling startups in fintech, insuretech and blockchain technology globally. Paul joined OST’s mission and open approach to democratizing tokenization for consumer apps as the business development lead working closely with scaling consumer internet startups as partners.

Website: www.ost.com



January 17, 2019

10:00 am - 12:00 pm


5th Floor Cinema, Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park


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