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Biomimicry Meetup – Learn to Learn from Nature


Hand-on praxis and expert input introduce you to the concept and praxis of Biomimicry – Learn to learn from nature. Through 3.8 bio years of evolution, life has found ways to solve nearly any challenge humanity faces today. Where bionics fall short on sustainability and integration, where a circular economy lacks the process to produce wholesome solutions, we should use everything as a teacher. Natural phenomena are the only truly sustainable and lasting systems on the planet. We should value and learn from them. Time-proven strategies applied by nature to survive and thrive on earth are available to abstract them into human products, services, social, economic or systemic solutions.
In this meetup, we share inspiring visions, working processes, and a unique mindset. There are free courses, professional training, product innovation, and process consultancy services available. And the global Biomimicry network is there to support those who want to make an impact for a better world.

Let’s meet and join forces!

Get to know the minds behind Biomimicry:
  • Dr. Arndt Pechstein, President of Biomimicry Germany, neuroscientist, Design Thinking and Biomimicry expert, innovation consultant and inspirational speaker.
  • Dr. Fabian Feutlinske, Director of Biomimicry Academy, neuroscientist, business ecosystem designer, transformation consultant and serial entrepreneur at Factory Berlin.
  • Thorsten Perl, Biomimicry researcher, biomaterial specialist and entrepreneur- Dr. Jana Hoffmann, Project lead of Mediasphere at Natural History Museum Berlin
    and supporters from Naturkundemuseum Berlin, Nature 2.0 and the Berlin Circular Economy community.

Website: www.biomimicryacademy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/biomimicrygermany

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/biomimicryacademy

Contact: contact@biomimicryacademy.com



April 25, 2019

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


1st Floor, Workshop Room 1.3.1, Factory Görlitzer Park,
Lohmühlenstr. 65
Berlin, Berlin 12345 Germany


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