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This session is for Blockchain beginners and professionals.

We want to engage the community by connecting corporates and Blockchain professionals.

In this session, we invite various companies from the Factory community to present their projects and share their learnings.

Overall, this event is part of Factory’s plan for 2018 to connect the startup and corporate world.


About the speakers:


Jeff Stahlnecker – technology enthusiast and growth manager at the “MXC Foundation” – bringing the world one step closer to a shared economy for things.

Lorenzo Pieri – PhD in Theoretical Physics and contributions to the field of quantum gravity. Science and tech enthusiast, focusing in the last years on blockchain, artificial intelligence and space exploration. Representative of a new business paradigm, applying the scientific method to entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Vieu-Robson (Blockchain researcher @ Weeve): A blockchain researcher and business developer currently working at Weeve, helping to bring data attestation and security solutions to decentralised data marketplaces.

About the companies:


MXC Foundation – LPWAN & Blockchain

AnyLedger Connecting the physical world to the blockchain

Weeve: Blockchain & trusted IoT oracles.



August 23, 2018

10:00 am - 11:30 am


2nd Floor, Kiefholz, Factory Görlitzer Park


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