Community Breakfast: Soundscapes for Productivity


Sep 6th 2023
10:00 – 11:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
1st Floor, Community Kitchen

Tap into the benefits of creating harmonious environments and the ways of improving concentration, creativity, and well-being, while meeting someone new in this upcoming edition of Community Breakfast!

Enjoy some snacks, a bowl of mymuesli, and a cup of coffee, and join the conversation. This week our Future of Work Circle Captain, Marisa Toldo, and our Designers Circle Captain, Sabine Staggl, will lead a discussion around how noise disrupts our focus and productivity.

No ticket needed — just bring your member card.

Our Community Breakfast is an opportunity to start your day on the right note with coffee and tasty breakfast treats, get to know each other better, and pause to reconnect if you’re already hard at work. We’ll have a cheeky icebreaker game, or a community-led discussion around a specific topic, all to help you get to know other members, and get excited about the day ahead.

Check our announcements on Slack for the latest Community Breakfast agenda.

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  • 10:00 - 10:15
    Doors Open
  • 10:15 -10:30
    Talk & Q&A
  • 10:30 - 11:00

From an early age, growing up with Latin roots and Italian heritage, Marisa Toldo has been fascinated by people and spaces.

When her father required care due to Alzheimer’s disease, she found herself with the strong need of applying her professional experience as an architect and her passion for the future of work to improve places of care. That’s when the idea for Villa Adriano Toldo was born.
Villa Adriano Toldo is a concept for business-offered intergenerational care solutions. In this concept, Marisa brings together her 25 years of experience designing and managing architectural projects for NGOs and large multinationals in different countries with her work at SpaceYourPlace, which helps organizations build human-centric workplaces.

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Sabine is an Italian product designer and the co-founder of Noisli, a productivity service that provides background sounds to help you stay focused and reduce stress.

Before co-founding Noisli in 2013, Sabine studied product and visual communication design and worked in various design studios. In her work, she always tries to create useful and beautiful products that make a positive impact.

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