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Are you looking for a repeatable process to grow your startup traction and revenue? Need to understand your product’s growth drivers? Want to build a prioritized testing roadmap to reach business OKRs and maximize growth ROI?

Then join me for a hands-on workshop. You’ll learn the growth methodology used by giants like Airbnb, Dropbox. Plus you’ll create spreadsheets with lean models that’ll drive your product testing strategy.

You’ll learn how to…
– Use the 3-step scientific process that will drive repeatable product traction and revenue product growth
– Uncover your product’s path to massive growth (and failure) by understanding growth drivers and modeling constraints in a spreadsheet
– Create an aligned testing product strategy to achieve your business OKRs and maximize your growth team’s ROI

Who’s it for…?
Product/growth managers from startups/businesses that have some traction, are transitioning to grow or growing. Specially relevant if you’re looking to or just raised angel investment or venture capital.

We will…
– Use the scientific method to increase traction and revenue: uncover constraints, identify opportunities and methodically test improvements
– Define your business value with the Business Fit Canvas
– Model revenue/customer traction and OKRs with benchmarked growth rates
– Create a growth model with the Customer Factory Canvas and Spreadsheets
– Uncover growth levers and create a prioritized product roadmap with sensitivity analysis

//Please bring your own laptop (fully charged!)

With over +10 years experience, Javier has helped online companies grow revenue with a 7-figure impact. He combines a systems engineering approach to business and helps startups build successful products. Prior to founding Proudsugar he worked at 6Wunderkinder, Oracle and Keiretsu Angel Investors.



October 23, 2018

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1st Floor, Meditation Room, Factory Berlin Mitte


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