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For a project to be really successful, it is important to find a balance between addressing the technical challenges as well as the human challenges. We know that a lot of projects fail because the human/cultural aspects are not taken into consideration as they should. We at inTension see these human challenges as a question of culture. Pablo and Mike, work with teams in the non-profit world on building strong cultures which support organizations in achieving their goals.

We are often asked: what makes a difference between a good team and a great team? How to be successful and not die trying? What type of technological tools can support us to build a healthier type of culture in our organization? Is it possible to combine effectiveness with wellbeing?

Our invitation is to create a space where teams from the Factory and us (and maybe some cool outsiders) can reflect around these questions and learn from each other on how to integrate culture and technology to achieve high standards of performance.

On 13 June 2018 from 18:00 until 21:00 on the 5th Floor of the Factory Mitte, we’ll be holding a “circle” discussion (i.e. we facilitate a discussion amongst all participants). It will be limited to about 35 participants, so if you’re keen, sign up!

Based in Berlin, inTension is a consultancy focusing on supporting nonprofits and social enterprises to fully align with their vision and achieve greater impact, whilst building healthy cultures internally. We work with leaders and teams to align with their organization’s vision and purpose, develop effective strategies to drive towards these, and create the monitoring and learning cultures to ensure they stay focused on the impact they aimed to have.



June 13, 2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1st Floor, Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


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