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Artificial Intelligence is ingrained in almost every aspect of our life. And thanks to modern frameworks building a state of art image classifier or language model, has become pretty straightforward. However, this also hides underlying principles of the algorithms giving AI an aura of magic and creating a false hype/fear around it.
During this workshop we will explore the basics of deep learning and create a neural network model from scratch in Python to build strong intuitions for the technology.
As AI is already in production on edge devices at companies like Google (Nest, Pixel, Clip), Apple, etc… And we will soon be seeing intelligence in every electronic device; during the workshop we will also explore the future of deep learning for edge applications and AI for mobile apps with TensorFlow.

** The second workshop will take place on Monday, 27. August.
During Part II Workshop, we’ll explore:

1. Use cases including speech, image, and object recognition, translation, and text classification
2. Common patterns for integrating a deep-learning model into your application
3. Several examples for running TensorFlow on Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi
4. Techniques for testing your deep-learning model inside your application
5. Methods to help you prepare your solution for mobile deployment
6. Optimizing your model for latency, RAM usage, model file size, and binary size



July 30, 2018

6:45 pm - 8:45 pm


1st floor, Else, Factory Görlitzer Park


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