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Join and connect to some of the world’s most exciting Web 3 protocols in blockchain, AI, IoT and Big Data from across The Convergence Stack, for a 2-day dev con made up of hacks, exclusive product launches, and live demos.

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This two-day event will focus on the practical application of open-source distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, machine learning and programmable tokens, to create a new data layer.


Alongside hacking, join workshops, panels and fireside chats from experts on the latest trends in enterprise & blockchain, tokeneconomics, interoperability, deep learning & AI, and more. These sessions are open for all, whether you are a developer, work in tech or just have an interest in the space, we welcome you to hear from lead developers, enterprise, professors, and founders.

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Leading practitioners from cryptography, machine learning, smart contract dev, IoT, systems engineers and crypto-economics will be exploring the implications of deploying new technologies and distributed systems in complex and challenging fields such as smart cities, Industry 4.0, and Mobility.

The event will be made up of exclusive releases of the latest projects, products and test / live networks from across our portfolio and network. There will be hands-on discussion, debates and practical learnings from global experts and peers to deep-dive into topics.


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October 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am


October 20, 2019 @ 8:00 pm


Factory Görlitzer Park


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