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Hear about modern cloud technologies from the sources: Lennart Poettering, creator of systemd, PulseAudio and Avahi, will provide a gentle introduction systemd, the Linux system and service manager. Sergiusz Urbaniak together with Casey Callendrello, both from CoreOS, will show how to use Kubernetes with rkt on the Digital Ocean platform. Get ready for the best tips about your favourite technologies!

Kinvolk will be giving away 2 systemd.conf Workshop day tickets. Names can be entered into the drawing from 19:00 and the tickets will be chosen at the end of the last talk. Winners must be present.





Eat, drink, mingle






“systemd for mere mortals” by Lennart Poettering, Software Engineer at Redhat

Today, systemd is a core component of most commercial and community Linux distributions. If you work with Linux professionally or hack on it for fun, sooner or later you will come into contact with it. In this talk we’ll discuss what systemd is, the components it consists of as well as basics how to interact with it. This presentation is supposed to be a gentle but broad introduction into the systemd system and service manager, by one of its main authors.



More eating, drinking, and mingling



“Kubernetes + rkt + DigitalOcean” by Sergiusz Urbaniak (@_surbaniak), rkt Engineer at CoreOS and Casey Callendrello (@squeed), rkt Engineer at CoreOS

In this talk we’ll give you an overview of running Kubernetes using the rkt container runtime on Digital Ocean. rkt (pronounced “rock-it”) is a CLI for running app containers on Linux. rkt is designed to be secure, composable, and standards-based.



September 19, 2016

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


5th Floor, Bistro, Factory Berlin Mitte,
Rheinsberger Straße 76/77


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