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Empathy, connection and community are fundamental to our sense of wellbeing and purpose. And yet always-on digital connectivity can leave us feeling – paradoxically – more disconnected than ever.

How can we bring more authentic human connection to our digital lives?

Join our panel of inspiring speakers as we explore three approaches for reconnecting with ourselves and others in life and work:

Personal – Information overwhelm, FOMO, anxiety, comparison and an overload of choice – how can we come back to our authentic selves online? Wellness expert Cari Merriam leads us in understanding who we are and how we create our identification of Self online.

Social-Cultural – How many people can we really maintain relationships with online? How many is too many? Social media angel Katie Brockhurst explains how we can increase the quality of our digital connections.

Professional – How can we retain a sense of connection, empathy and belonging when working remotely and with dispersed teams? Digital transformation consultant Sofia Trojanowska on how we can thrive privately and professionally in the digital world.


6pm – Doors open

6.15pm – Introduction – Purpose and wellbeing in the digital domain – Emily Shipp

6.30 – 8.30pm – Presentations and Q&As – Cari Merriam, Katy Brockhurst, Sofia Trojanowska

8.30 – 9pm – Drinks and networking

About the speakers:

Cari Merriam is a yogini on a mission to empower, inspire, and accelerate spiritual growth. She is an international speaker, teacher, healer, and wellbeing strategist with over 10 years and 10,000+ hours of facilitation and training in the spiritual space.

Katie Brockhurst is a social media mentor & digital life coach with 10+ years experience in online content & community building. Author of Social Media For A New Age & finalist in The Business Book Awards for self development.

Sofia Trojanowska is founder of Singularity.Design and consults companies in the understanding of digitalisation. Previously she traveled Europe in a Flixbus to tap into the European Start-up culture. Her background is economics and business – and her passion is entrepreneurship.

Emily Shipp is the founder of Questions on Purpose. To date she has interviewed over 100 people about their path to meaningful work, including a blind pilot and a Buddhist monk. She is also a marketing and communications expert, specialising in early-mid stage startups.



September 30, 2019

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Lexis, Event Space A, Factory Görlitzer Park


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