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When was the last moment you felt on top of everything? where you felt that your concentration an potential was at your maximum? Imagine that is possible to step up in your own game.

Join Fernando Balsera Pita as he takes you through his mindfulness workshop.

He believes there is a difference between living and existing and that is possible attaining excellence through playfulness. He will imprint those changes by talking but mainly by doing WE WILL WALK THE TALK!!!


About Fernando Balsera Pita

For many years I’ve been working as a professional dancer, which is an incredible demanding profession, and no matter how afraid, insecure, lost, stressed or tired I was, I had to give my best every night. Imagine having a training that through your body, which is the most immediate tool available, we can make you more efficient at work, therefore you have more free time, ore reduce your stress levels, or become more assertive in your current job, or get the last push to change to a new one.




August 9, 2018

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Lounge, 1st Floor, Factory Mitte


Public Talk

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