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“Delirium” – about the exhibition

The exhibition Delirium of Sokar Uno shows a kind of retrospective. By showing artworks of the past two years, the artistic development of the artist is assumable.

There are artworks of his turquoise period which were shown as well as his solo exhibition „Depths of Loneliness“ in Brooklyn as well as new canvases which will be presented to the audience for the first time.

The artist takes former motives, changes them and puts them into a new context and relationship. The focus of these new canvases is the concept of fragmentation and interference. The term interference he takes out of its meaning from the analogy of TV where it always came to broadcasting disruptions. The digital revolution solved this problem completely and implemented the standard of absolute high definition clearness of pictures.

Sokar Uno takes up the interference and the blurring as an aesthetic phenomenon and shows a set of artworks which is shaped by repetition and the typical view as a painter of the fragmented world. The interruption gives him a new perspective on things and correlations.

Sokar Uno – about the artist

Sokar Uno (1987) was born and raised in Gotha, Germany. Since 2010 he lives in Berlin and realises national and international projects. His artistic development starts in 1999 as a classical graffiti writer, but soon it turned to fine art and urban art. He loves experiments with fragmentation, figurative shapes, and repetitions.

Street Art Berlin – about the curator and how to buy an artwork

Street Art Berlin is a network for urban art, a platform for street art and partner for reports, photos, commissions, projects, creative consulting, exhibitions…and more.

Street Art Berlin proudly presents a selection of local, national and international street artists and their amazing artworks @Factory

Of course, all art pieces are FOR SALE.

Are you interested in one of the current show or you can not forget a piece of the previous one?

Just let us know, and we will take care of handling, certificate, shipping, and insurances until the art is at its new home.

For SALES and all other INQUIRIES: hello@streetartbln.com

Factory Berlin and Street Art Berlin are proud to exhibit works from Delirium at our upcoming Factory Art Vernissage. Join us for some mingling and free drinks at Factory Kitchen. Music for the evening will be brought to you by Dj: f.rille.

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April 19, 2018

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Factory Kitchen, Mitte


Public Talk

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