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About the Exhibition

“interblend” is about blending different art forms…mainly street art and urban art. The crew name, “TAPE OVER” is taken literally, as the members combine tape art with different art styles. Each of the crew members has a different artistic background…showcasing their individual style in combination with tape art. interblend = combine/mix with each other superscript ART = an indefinite number of art styles …meaning an indefinite number of ways to combine Tape Art with other art styles.


Tape Over – about the artist

TAPE OVER is an international tape art crew established in Berlin since 2011. Their tape art styles includes elements of street art as well as urban art, and is characterised by its versatility and fine detail. In addition, their art reflects what inspires them most – organic forms, abstract shapes, plain design, as well as visual statements.

All of Tape Over´s works will be on exhibit for the next three months at Factory Kitchen.


Street Art Berlin – about the curator and how to buy an artwork

Street Art Berin is a network for urban art, a platform for street art and partner for reports, photos, commissions, projects, creative constulting, exhibitions…and more. Street Art Berlin proudly presents a choise of local, national and international street artists and their amazing artworks @Factory Of course all artpieces are FOR SALE.

Are you interested in one of the current show or you can not forget a piece of the previous one?

Just let us know and we will take care of handling, certificate, shipping and insurances until the art is at its new home. for SALES and all other INQUIRIES: hello@streetartbln.com

istagram: _street_art_berlin_ facebook: StreetArtBLN www.streetartbln.com



June 28, 2018

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Factory Kitchen, Mitte


Public Talk