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Filmtech Meetup #8 is an Ask-Me-Anything and interactive exchange with a panel of invited experts who will answer your questions and tell you Anything-You-Always-Wanted-To-Know about blockchain applications in film, music and media. We will have a series of prepared questions to ignite the conversation, but it’s really up to YOU, the audience, to engage in a lively discussion with the experts about best practices, fears, doubts, successes and failures in regards to film, music and media related blockchain applications.


Some of the aspects we will look into relate to how the blockchain might enable us to

— track ownership of media and creative assets

— transfer and issue licenses

— automate the licensing process

— develop fair monetizing models for audiovisual content

— share revenues in a transparent way between entitled stakeholders

— automate payments

— finance films, music and media through ICOs

— create direct connections between creators and consumers of content

— build decentralized distribution systems

— combat piracy


Any question about blockchain and media can be asked, though we don’t guarantee that all will be answered in a satisfactory manner. We look forward to a lively debate and hope to see you there!



— Merlind Müller / Business Development and ICO Advisor

— Peter Harris / Founder of Resonate, a streaming music cooperative, www.resonate.is


(more speaker will be announced shortly)


– FilmTech Meetup # 8 is organized by:

— The FilmTech Office: www.filmtechoffice.com

— Porpellor FilmTech Hub: www.propellorfilmtech.com

— MusicTech Germany: www.music-tech.de/en


FilmTech Meetup # 8 as well as all other editions of the FilmTech Meetup is kindly supported by:

— Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg: www.creative-europe-desk.de


FilmTech Meetup # 8 is hosted by:

— Factory Berlin: www.factoryberlin.com



March 27, 2018

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1st Floor, Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


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