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Feel better, know more, stress less.

Join nutritionist, Mareen, for 2hr workshop exploring how to feel better through food.

This Workshop will help you:
• create conscious awareness of the what you eat and how that influences your work
• how to eat healthily at work (tips for temptation, business lunches, and other food distractions)
• understand how food is influencing your energy levels and give you the tools to beat the 2pm crash
• last but not least, this workshop is designed to show you how to easily prepare your food at home, saving you money and feeling better

Mareen Richter is a nutritionist from Berlin focusing on the aspects of wellbeing at work throughout a stressful day in the office. Having made the experience how the right nutritional mindset positively impacts a stressful day at work, it clicked and since then her motivation has been to coach employees, managers and founders the basics of healthy everyday nutrition.

Mareen works as a personal nutrition coach, leads online coaching sessions and has a passion for presenting in front of an interested audience – mainly about food prep, nutrition mindset and how to stay healthy.



March 11

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Warhol, Factory Berlin Mitte


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