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Join us for an exciting panel discussion with industry experts. We’ll be looking into “How to Grow Your Business With Effective Infrastructure Planning.” Whether you’re a startup founder, CTO, IT freelancer or someone looking to learn about infrastructure in the context of successful business expansion, this event will be valuable to you!


Topics under discussion:

– Factors to consider when choosing an infrastructure provider

– Technical requirements of various infrastructure products

– What is involved in an infrastructure selection decision process

– Business impacts to be considered when designing infrastructure

– Identifying conditions needed in place for a successful future expansion

– Strategies on how to best prepare and plan your business growth

– Trends in the infrastructure industry


The Panelists:

Hagen Rother – Lead Architect at Liquidm

Hagen Rother has worked in just about every position in the IT industry and keeps ending up enabling other developers to do their job. These days, the cloud is pitched as doing exactly that, but it’s not cheap and vendor lock-in is no fun. Hagen will explain that it’s possible even for small start ups to run on bare metal and stay away from vendor lock in.


Christian Graf – CTO at DCMN

Christian is CTO at DCMN, a growth marketing and adtech company. After founding several ventures, his mobile programmatic startup realzeit was acquired in early 2017 by DCMN, where he is currently leading a team of 25 + developers.


Martin Kalsch – CTO & Co-Founder at REMERGE

“Details TBA”


The Moderator:

Adam Shiervani

Adam is partner and CPO at Civey – a Berlin-based opinion tech company. Civey is the new generation of public opinion research who gathers high-quality representative data in real time. The vision behind it is to make opinion research more transparent and accessible to everyone. With its software that is already embedded on thousands of websites (i.a. Spiegel Online, Welt and der Freitag), Civey builds up Germany’s biggest panel of survey respondents and derive advanced insights. Before joining Civey Adam was a front-end engineer at various startups, incl. ZenMate.



February 1, 2018

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


1st Floor, Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


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