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Do you have a passion project that you’ve been working on for years? Do you moonlight as a designer, musician, or writer, and are looking for ways to add the final touches to a project? Or perhaps you’d just like to hear how other creators in these shoes continued to hone their extracurricular skills? There’s a way! Join Outreach Lead (and creator) Monika Kanokova for a conversation with three creators that used Kickstarter to take their side projects one step further.

Alexa Shoen is a content strategist and a self-proclaimed human jukebox. She used Kickstarter to sing life into her first full-length album (http://kck.st/2chm1Zx). 

Practice makes perfect was the mantra for artist and designer Maïa’s ceramics project, #100Cylinders (http://kck.st/100cylinders).

And Susanne Scheerer is a costume designer and mother of two who created an illustrated children’s book called The Yearnling. It’s about love, sharing, and the concept of family (http://kck.st/2cqd4tR).

Each of these creators will talk about how they cultivated their creative skills, and pushed themselves to take their projects to the next level. We’re looking forward to what’s sure to be a great conversation –– and to learning about your passion projects! Hope to see you there.



October 19, 2016

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


5th Floor, Bistro, Factory Berlin Mitte,
Rheinsberger Straße 76/77


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