Inner Sustainability in a Global Pandemic


May 5th 2021
18:15 – 19:45


Online Video Stream
Online Video Stream

How to help your people and teams maintain sanity in these disrupted yet monotonous times.

Three experts in the field of HR, leadership and organisational culture will share insights and actionable advice on how to maintain a healthy work-life experience for yourself and your teams (… in a global pandemic!) and explore the challenges and questions you have.

Are you struggling to balance all that work and life has been throwing at you? Are your team members or staff feeling pushed to their limits? Is talk of stress, exhaustion and even burnout a regular thing? Are you, as a leader, wanting (or having) to use the global pandemic as a way to change your team's ways of working - integrating healthier and more sustainable practices? Or needing to shift your approach just so you can hire and retain top talents?

Then this event is for you.

Presented by Factory Berlin's Future of Work Circle, the event will be moderated by the Circle Captain, Cari Merriam.

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  • 18:15
    Welcome & Introduction
  • 18:20
    Marinela Thimotheou - WHY Inner Sustainability?
  • 18:40
    Filippo di Leonardo - WHAT can you do at the individual level?
  • 19:10
    Mike Romig - WHAT can you do at the team level?
  • 19:30

Marilena Timotheou and Filippo di Lenardo, co-founders of 3ssentia, get up every morning to empower professionals to have a meaningful and transformative “Work-Life Experience” that helps them be their best and live at their fullest.

They will be sharing from their paths as founders and their experience building the first of its kind “AI self-management platform”. They’ll be sharing insights from the latest neuroscience on productivity and wellbeing, from their work with leading experts in behaviour change, and the impact it has on professionals daily work-life experience.

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Mike Romig, co-founder of the social consultancy Purpose+Motion, is driven by the desire to co-create meaningful, healthy and regenerative ways of working and living for us all.

He will share from his experience coaching and consulting Gamechangers in global corporations, startups, social enterprises and NGOs around the world to create healthy work cultures, to change behaviours at the collective level, and to ride the waves of change within teams.

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