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Are we learning to interact in new ways? Are our languages taking shape in imagined and alternating realities, multiverse and polyverse, intimacy and togetherness? Are new connectivities forming deep within our brains to connect Humankind as a whole?

About this Event

The Artists Circle of Factory Berlin presents its online exhibition ‘INTER/INTRA HUMAN’ by gathering online the social, emotional, technological, sensational responses of its members.

The collective exhibition showcases the artworks of 10 international artists mixing music, interactive media, video art, photography, drawing, experiential installation, digital sculpture, etc.


About the Artists

The exhibition will showcase artworks from Ana Brinnand, Ashley Middleton (in collaboration with Anna Mechlińska and Bileam Tschepe), Aurora Mititelu, Cherie Birkner, David Pettersson, Diane Drubay, Eric Maltz, Jill Bettendorff, Robert Stanley and Sofia Dimitrova.

On May 20, artists, curators, and visitors will meet online for a unique live-event redesigning the way we collectively exist in isolation and providing fertile ground for creative transformations.


About the Team

Exhibition Coordinator: Diane Drubay

Technical Lead: David Pettersson

Creative Leads: Aurora Mititelu & Ashley Middleton

Sound Design: Eric Maltz & Robert Stanley



19h30 – Doors Opening

19h45 – Visit of the exhibition by Peter Kirn and the artists

20h45 – Open discussion

21h30 – Doors Closing


About the Host

The community of Factory Berlin is full of hidden art-gems and it is the Artists Circle’s mission to highlight the ones who will change the way you see our reality. The Artists Circle acts as a community-based laboratory for multi-disciplinary art projects empowered by innovation and technology.


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May 20

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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