Investment Summit with Wayra Germany


Jun 22nd 2023
17:00 – 20:30


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

Calling all Seed and Series A startups!

Investment Summit invites top startups to pitch their company to a panel of top investors from our network.

Each startup will give a 5-minute pitch, followed by a 5-minute Q&A, to our panel of investors. Later in the day, the investors meet 1:1 with each founder to share feedback for the founders to improve their pitch, ask any remaining questions about the startup, and discuss what's next.

For this edition of our Investment Summit, we're joining forces with our partner Wayra Germany, to curate a panel of top investors from across Europe, and connect startups from our collective ecosystem to investment opportunities.

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Pitch my Startup at the Investment Summit

Laura Bonomini, Head of Investment at Wayra.

Wayra Germany is Telefónica Open Future’s start-up accelerator that promotes entrepreneurship and accelerates disruptive start-ups in Europe and Latin America. It supports entrepreneurs grow and build successful businesses.

Wayra Germany’s acceleration program gives its users funding, a place to work, mentors, business partners, access to a global network of talent, and the opportunity to reach millions of Telefónica customers.

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Ferdinand Dansard, Investment Team at Earlybird VC

With over four years of experience working in the startup ecosystem, Ferdinand has gained a holistic understanding of it from multiple perspectives: inside and outside, B2B and B2C, low-tech and deep-tech, from incubation through to Series C, fundraising and investing.

Given his prior collaborations with Merantix, Trade Republic, and Cambrium, Ferdinand has a strong technological focus on AI and infrastructure plays. His work has been industry-agnostic, yet most of his deals have been in FinTech, Energy, and Logistics – so far.

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Isabelle Thierfelder, Investment Associate at seed+speed.

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