Learning To Code In 2021


Feb 23rd 2021
18:00 – 19:30


Online Video Stream
Online Stream

Join the Developers Circle's upcoming event to discuss and hear about different approaches to learning to code.

Learning computer programming is a long-term investment with huge payoffs. Not only does one acquire new skills for the job market, but also learn a new perspective of looking at the world.

However, it can become increasingly hard to stay focussed and keep motivation, as progress is often seemingly slow. To make things worse, there are a number of different languages, tools and didactic approaches to choose from, all of which have their own pros and cons.

To help us shed some light on the topic, the Developers Circle created an exciting panel discussion with speakers from this field to share their experiences and introduce different approaches to education with Code.


Tobia De Angelis - Strive School
Florin Pinte-Landgraf - SalesForce
Adam Roe - CODE University
Andre Kovac - Educational Freelancer

Join us live for this informative event and get in touch with other experts from the industry. Guests must register on Eventbrite and will be sent a link to the event before the start time.

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tobia de angelia strive school

Tobia De Angelis is the CEO and Co-founder of Strive School, a technology training programme that aims to create the next generation of software engineers in Europe.

Prior to founding Strive School, he worked with entrepreneurs, VCs and start-ups for over 5+ years, helping several companies develop their business idea and raise funds. Tobia is also a published writer, with articles about tech, start-ups and macro trends available on “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the largest Italian national business newspaper.

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Florin Pinte-Landgraf is a Technical Architect working for Salesforce. He helps customers understand the power of the Salesforce platform and how to leverage the low code capabilities and the way it can be integrated in existing IT landscapes.

Adam Roe - CODE University

Adam Roe is a Professor of Software Engineering. CODE is a Berlin-based private state-accredited university of applied sciences that offers three Bachelor of Arts programs: “Software Engineering”, “Interaction Design” and “Product Management”.

CODE is dedicated to creating an inspiring environment where students learn out of curiosity and eagerness to grow. By offering a team- and project-based learning concept CODE is aiming at educating the digital pioneers of tomorrow.

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Andre Kovac - educational freelancer

Andre Kovac participated as science communicator at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival teaching kids to code with Scratch and at the Edinburgh International Science Festival teachings kids about computer programming with LEGO Mindstorm robots.

He is also teaching kids from Neukölln basics of web-development online via Zoom and is a professional trainer to a group of 25 HR professionals via interactive “real-world” exercises in the browser. Additionally he is teaching specific new technologies to development teams.

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