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Frances will be introducing you to a relaxing and invigorating voice warm-up from her forthcoming voice warm-up book: How Long Have You Got? – Voice Warm-ups for Every Occasion. The routine will be designed for you to adapt before a presentation or pitch.

She’ll be giving you information on how to recognise and capitalise on your voice type. Our voices are part of our personality and she’ll be showing you how to recognise your main element using the Chinese philosophy of water, fire, metal, earth and water, as a further guide to your voice quality.

About the coach:

Frances has been a voice coach for 15 years. She trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as an actor and went on to do an MA at Goldsmiths College in Theatre Arts doing a thesis in inter-active communication (audience/performer). Backed by the British Council, The Actors Centre and the British Voice Association, she won a Leonardo Da Vinci award to go to the Grotowski Centre in Italy to study voice resonance and its emotional impact.

As well as working with actors, she works with people in industry and public life. Frances combines her skills as a voice and speech coach – she wrote the Speak English Clearly book and programme for people with English as a second language – with coaching in interview and presentation skills. She recently coached a female lawyer through all the stages to become a vice-president of Deutsche Bank. As well as working with actors, she is currently working with McDonald’s executives, investment bankers, software programmers and property developers. Clients also include Rolls Royce/BMW and Carl Zeiss. Frances has worked with Google helping entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors.




May 29, 2018

9:30 am - 11:00 am


5th Floor, Factory Berlin Mitte


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