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For our April edition of Meet & Pitch, we’ll be joining them for innovative products or services in the field of sustainability.

The event wants to include a Q & A section from the audience and wants to open the floor to those who want to pitch their own sustainable products / services.

Join us to hear how startups and projects in the Factory Berlin ecosystem are working to reduce the impact our consumption has on the environment.



Katharina Seifert – Business Developer @Ifood Germany

“IFood is a new plant-based innovation from Sweden, now taking Berlin by storm. It is here to help you eat less meat and more vegan. We have developed these ready-made foods packed with rich, filling ingredients and colorful flavors to appeal to a broad consumer group and thus make a bigger impact. “

Cherie Birkner – Founder @Sustainable Fashion Matterz

“SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERS is your gateway to a world where a conscious lifestyle meets the pressing issues and solutions for today’s fashion industry. Join a game changing community, learn how to make the most of the conversational game by learning essential fashion facts.

Lubomila Jordanova – CEO & Founder @ PlanA.Earth

Plan A is the first data-driven action platform in the fight against climate change. “We use data to predict where and how climate change wants to hit the hardest and the most on the insights, channel capital from planet-aware work to environmental organizations and innovators.”


Hannah Kromminga – Founder @Silfir

“Finding affordable, sustainable fashion can be confusing and difficult. That’s why Silfir designed a new garment that’s simple, chic and sustainable: the Soft Workwear Uniform. The Berlin-based online shop is predicated on innovative business model in which the customer and the retailer are incentivized to keep clothes for longer, drastically reducing the amount of clothes they are buying and ultimately making their lives more enjoyable, stress-free and sustainable . “Silfir designed a new garment that’s simple, chic and sustainable: the Soft Workwear Uniform. The Berlin-based online shop is predicated on an innovative business model in which both the customer and the retailer are incentivised to keep clothes for longer, drastically reducing the amount of clothes we buy and ultimately making people’s lives more enjoyable, stress-free and sustainable.”


About the event

For Meet & Pitch events we invite startups from the Berlin Factory network to pitch their products to fellow community members and professionals from the Berlin startup ecosystem.






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April 10, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


1st Floor, Schönholz (Big Room), Factory Berlin Mitte


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