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This is a continuation of the workshop “Busy Startups 101: Effective Team Communication in Times of Stress”.

Please note that you need to attend Part I before attending Part II.

The Workshop – Part II

In Part II you will simulate stressful situations and analyze them together. This will be an interactive session with many hand-on exercises.

The purpose of our communication with others is the satisfaction of our psychological needs.

So what is playing out in communication between two or more people and what blocks the development of an individual?

This training is focuses on stressful interactions within teams.

We experience a wide variety of psychological needs. To express each category of needs, we use a specific psychological language. Each psychological language is a coherent system of:

  • Values
  • Verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Emotional mechanisms
  • Ways of thinking

Which allow us to express our needs and satisfy the needs of others.

Caroline will show you how to analyze your personal communication profile and help you to adapt to another style of communication.

The communication profile is intended to indicate our style of communication and our dominant relational characteristics, rather than describing the richness and diversity of our personality. This dominant profile is the one that we use most frequently and which we will almost systematically use when we are in a situation of stress, lack of control of a situation, when we take a defensive position. Our profile can then cause problems of communication with others or make them worse.


Caroline Schwarz was born in 1966. For many years, the learned actress represented the family enterprise Ehinger-Schwarz. In the fifth generation, Caroline Schwarz worked in various positions starting in 2005 as Head of Marketing and later as Head of Design. From 2008 to 2014, CarolineSchwarz was CEO. From 2013 until 2015 she was the main shareholder. The brand was available in 27 mono stores and at selected jewelry partners in Europe, USA, Singapore and Japan. In 2015, she sold the company. Since 2015 she works successfully as a trainer, coach and consultant using her skills as an actress and her knowledge about interpersonal setbacks in companies.



October 12, 2018

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


3rd Floor, Google for Startups, Factory Görlitzer Park,
Lohmülenstraße 65
Berlin, 12435 Germany


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