Pride Check Out Drinks


Jun 23rd 2023
17:30 – 22:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
Ground Floor, Creators Lab

June is Pride month, which means it's time to not only elevate the voices of the underrepresented 2SLGBTQIA+ humans in our community, but it's also time to celebrate them and hold space for the entire spectrum of what Pride represents.

Join us for a special edition of Check Out Drinks, where we'll celebrate new sounds, inspiring people, and their stories while sipping glorious drinks by Mampe,  drinking splendid and revitalizing refreshments by PENG, and eating the delicious samosas from our friends from Samosa Club Berlin.

Allow your body to roam free all night on the dance floor with a selection of funky tunes and the hottest bangers by Katie Stieber and N3, part of the Ukrainian collective Regulardisco.

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  • 17:30 - 18:00
    Doors Open
  • 18:00 - 22:00
    DJ sets by Regulardisco

Regulardisco was shaped into a party back in 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine as an idea of celebration, fun & happiness on the dancefloor as opposed to darker shades of techno and its sub-genres that lately took over the nightlife.

In their first year, we hosted parties with such artists as Wolfram, Benjamin Fröhlich, Massimiliano Pagliara and FKA.M4A. Alongside the parties and events, in 2022 Regulardisco crew were also invited to host their takeover show at Gasoline Radio (UA) and held the showcase at HÖR (DE).

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Samosa Club Berlin is a project spearheaded by Muhammaad Suleman Thakar, the co-founder and executive head chef of Tiffin Berlin, Kukad Braca and Gully Burger. He is joined by Jan Linarić, the co-founder of Metropolitan Transportation Group, and Rohan Vitus Fernandes, an award-winning creative and entrepreneur.

They have combined their expertise to create The Samosa Club, a place where flavors from Pakistan and India meld together to create an enjoyable culinary experience unseen in Europe.

Samosa Club Berlin is unique in that it is influenced by the innovative culinary styles found in the narrow by-lanes of Pakistan and India, and made with a loving sentiment expressed best as Maa ké haat ka khana, a common phraseology in Pakistan and India meaning ‘Food made by one’s mother.’

This is the kind of flavour-rich food Suliman and Rohan grew up with, and Jan experienced and fell in love with when he traveled throughout India and Pakistan.

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Mampe was founded in 1831 and is thus the oldest spirits brand in the capital. A brand as colorful, as weird, as crazy, and as diverse as Berlin with its neighborhoods and squares. Its streets and boulevards, its Corner pubs and trendy bars, its unique people. More Berlin is not possible.

The products in their manufactory become 100% handmade and contain only natural ingredients. No chemicals – no chichi! And they get premium equipment, as befits a product of this quality.

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Ever had a truly refreshing drink that was sweet and sugary? Neither did we! PENG was started in 2019 around the idea of creating a non-sweet all-organic beverage that is both revitalizing and freshening while leaving out any added sugar and sweeteners.

The Berlin-based startup endorses radical product innovation by overcoming traditional beverage categories, in fact creating a new category of its own. It is therefore hard to tell what PENG really is. One might as well just want to come and have a taste.

Call it a soda, call it caffeine, call it fresh direct juice.
Or just call it PENG.

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