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The Factory Berlin Blockchain Circle in collaboration with BerChain invites you to the first edition of Blockchain Brunch in 2020.

The Factory Berlin Blockchain Circle in collaboration with BerChain invite you to the first edition of Blockchain Brunch in 2020, as part of the full day program on Blockchain Collaboration by BerChain, including an afternoon session at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, and an evening reception at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin. As such, we are looking forward to welcome our Dutch blockchain colleagues as well.

This Blockchain Brunch will focus on public service use-cases for blockchain with 4 experts who are currently working on them, both in Germany, and in The Netherlands. Each participant introduces the project they are working on, followed by a panel discussion amongst all of them to go more in-depth.

Brunch is available for all attendees.




10:00 – Registration & brunch

10:30 – Welcome by BerChain & Factory

10:40 – Participants’ introductions

10:50 – Panel

11:45 – More brunch

12:30 – End




Nick van Apeldoorn

ICT Architect / Emerging Technology Center at the Dutch Kadaster

Nick van Apeldoorn works in the Emerging Technology Center of Kadaster, the Dutch Land Registry and Mapping Agency. Just like last year, he is a challenge holder in the Odyssey hackathon.

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Rick Schmitz

CEO of LTO Networks

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain platform helping organizations to break out of data silos.

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Dr. Andreas Dittrich

Head of Blockchain Solutions Center

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH – Digital Integrity Solutions

Andreas has 25 years of professional experience in IT as computer scientist: starting in the 90s as software and network engineer, becoming an architect and later consultant. His focus has always been on security in distributed systems, in traditional client/server and later cloud architectures. He worked mostly as a freelancer with customers from private and public sector, and spent several years of research in academia. He joined Deutsche Telekom in 2015 and currently heads the Blockchain Solutions Center of T-Systems (part of Deutsche Telekom)

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Ingo Rübe

CEO of Kilt Protocol

Ingo Ruebe is the founder and CEO of BOTLabs, a Berlin-based company, providing blockchain powered solutions for Self Sovereign Identity, currently working on KILT Protocol.

Ingo is a successful entrepreneur who had his first exit in 2000, through his startup Network Department. He then worked with publishing houses including Axel Springer until 2012 as Project Director and with Burda publishing house as the CTO until 2017. During his time at Burda he initiated and headed the Burda Open Source CMS Thunder(www.thunder.org).

He currently serves as a Board member of Drupal Association and non executive director of Greek Energy Funds, a company producing solar power.



Michiel Sintenie

Innovation Manager Europe

Michiel is a creative business thinker and builder who takes the corporate world to new digital land within the Energy industry. Collaboration is Key. Everything is possible with the right team and positive attitude. His mission is to bring passion, talent and business together to help customers become fossil free within one generation. Together with several teams build over 30+ working blockchain prototypes for the Energy Industry and was launching customer for several emerging technology start-ups.





Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam Professor at HTW Berlin

Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam is a professor at HTW Berlin where she currently focuses on ABWL, investment and financing, controlling, real estate, blockchain technology and application possibilities. She is also the founder of SIMMST and her first research project with practical application is under progress.



Factory Berlin is home to many high-potential and fast-growth blockchain businesses. The Blockchain circle brings together this sub-community to share knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the industry and is a valuable resource for collaboration.



Growing organically from our members’ desire to connect with one another, Circles are self-organized sub-communities at Factory Berlin, gathered around shared interests, industries, and projects, where members exchange ideas, inspire and support each other.


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January 29

10:00 am - 12:30 pm


5th Floor Cinema, Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park


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