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Redefining The Top Job: Supporting The Emergence Of Self-Organized Teams

The Factory Berlin’s Wellbeing@Work Circle aims to support the emergence of ways of working centered around the wellbeing and empowerment of all involved. “New Work,” “Self-Organisation”, “Holocracy” or “Teal” are buzzwords often thrown around without much clarity on what is meant by them.

With this event, participants will journey through some of the jargon to gain clarity on what New Work looks like in real life, and what skills, processes, and inner work is required to make it a reality.

In this interactive space, we will explore some of the successes and pitfalls that implementing new work dynamics has had in various types of organizations and provide the space to reflect together around best practices to bring wellbeing to the center of a productive organization that is connected to its own purpose, empowers the people that constitute it, and actively contributes to its wider ecosystem.

Nico Gramenz, CEO of Factory Berlin, will share with us some of his experiences in other organizations and will focus on his vision for supporting Factory Berlin’s team to flourish and grow through self-management. Matthias Scheffelmeier, Partner at Ashoka Europe, and Bettina Rollow, the consultant who accompanied them for the past couple of years, will share their experience supporting Ashoka Europe to implement self-management in a way which works for them.



  • Cari Meriam– Wellbeing at Work Circle Co-Captain
  • Nico Gramenz– Factory Berlin, CEO
  • Matthias Scheffelmeier– Partner, Ashoka Europe
  • Bettina Rollow– Consultant , Organizational Cultural Transformation


  • Pablo Escorcia
  • Mike Romig


Participants will have the opportunity to take with them knowledge and practice on some of the key skills required to self-manage, and empower people to co-create in a more coherent and sustainable way.




May 21, 2019

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


1st Floor, Schönholz (Big Room), Factory Berlin Mitte


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