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Search Inside Yourself is a Google-developed program for improving emotional intelligence. In addition to technical competence, emotional intelligence is one of the key factors for excellent work. Search Inside Yourself is based on neuroscience findings and combines effective exercises to develop all areas of emotional intelligence – an intense mind-training.

Search Inside Yourself aims to make you more effective in your work, to develop your leadership skills, and to help you find more satisfaction in your work and life. In a two-day Workshop you will learn the background and practices of SIY so far that you can integrate them into your everyday life. For a small introduction to Search Inside Yourself, check out this video by Chade-Meng Tan, who built SIY on Google.


Whether you are attending your personal or professional development or just trying the SIY program for your organization, you will gain many basic skills:

  • Improve mental fitness and clarity
  • Development of an agile and adaptive mind
  • Reduction of stress responses
  • Increased resilience
  • Improving access to one’s own creativity
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Strengthening the regulation of emotions
  • Increased communication skills
  • Development of better decision-making
  • Development & Increase of Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience of improved general well-being, blossoming!

The curriculum includes:

  • Neuroscience
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • team leadership

SIY has been implemented in a variety of organizations around the world. It always uses a mix of hands-on mental training methods that enhance emotional intelligence & well-being, resilience, creativity, communication, productivity, and personal organizational leadership.

Program design

The interactive and experimental program includes the following components:

  • Overview of the neuroscience of emotions, perception and behavioral change
  • Definition of Emotional Intelligence and the Personal and Professional Benefits
  • Mindfulness training to promote Emotional Intelligence (including awareness training about yourself, motivation and relationship with yourself and others)
  • Learn principles and practices of healthy mental habits that promote well-being (including effective listening, compassion, empathy, communication and social skills)
  • Mindfulness and reflection exercises that support happiness, success and general well-being.

The exercises include mindfulness training, dyad conversations, writing, walking and group discussions




Mounira has been a senior executive in the business world for over 15 years and has learned a lot about new leadership from Google, Red Bull

and BMW. At Google, she gave Mindful Leadership Training alongside her leadership position worldwide. As the founder and CEO of Connected Business, her vision is to create new ways of working together in the workplace that foster the uniqueness and passion of each individual and

create solutions that also serve the broader community as a global community. Mounira is an internationally certified Search Inside Yourself Trainer and gives Mindfulness & Compassion Trainings all over the world.



Angel is a thoroughbred entrepreneur and international expert on co-creative project development. For the past 10 years, he has helped individuals, groups and organizations connect with their goals and visions, develop appropriate measures and realize them. At the center of his work is the combination of innovative thinking and humanity – he accompanies start-ups, social entrepreneurs and companies in the field of change through models and methods from the areas of co-creation, learning organizations, high-performance, life-coaching, and mindfulness training into a new working culture of togetherness. With his passion for the topic and his serving leadership style, he thrills people beyond himself.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact: contact@connected-b.com



April 25, 2019

9:00 am - 6:00 pm


1st Floor, Community Space, Factory Berlin Mitte,
Rheinsberger Straße 76/77, 1st Floor, Schönholz
Berlin, Berlin 10115 Germany


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