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Factory Berlin’s Women’s Circle is a community-led group bringing together women, queer and non-binary identifying individuals from all industries and backgrounds to share their experience in work and life.

For this edition, we are joined by Berlin-based creative agency for experiential marketing, goalgirls. They are curating a selection of speakers from their wide network to share experiences and stories working as creative and business leaders in diverse industries.

Doreen Schumacher (Founder of Palm Studio)

Judith (Founder of Newniq)

Amira Haruna (Founder of Terribelles)

About the Speakers

We are a creative agency for experiential marketing, social media campaigns, and brand activism. We tap into today’s social currents to create brand messaging that engages a generation of digital natives. We produce experiences that inspire new cultures and communities for brands.
We’re the avant-garde of marketing. Our campaigns are movements.

Doreen SchumacherPalm Studio

Born in 1986, Leipzig, Schumacher completed her studies in Architecture in 2010 and moved to Berlin, where she worked as a Freelancer in various studios. She specialized in Interior Design and did marketing campaigns for Westwing Home & Living for three years. Her main strengths are the conceptualization and implementation of innovative ideas, which are tailored to the needs of the client and contemporary trends. Working with a variety of formats: photography, video production, and event design, she is known for creating the perfect “Instagram moment.” Schumacher’s designs grace private homes, kitchens, offices, conference rooms, and she offers a complete service package from planning to executing a stylish presentation: she oversees manufacturing and placement of custom pieces furniture, floor plans, unique decorations, and accompanying plant arrangements.

Judith Trifonoff

Newniq is a personal interior design blog from Berlin. Above all, Newniq is the creative meeting point for friends and partners in crime Julia and Judith. While the two have already passed notes back and forth for a quarter century, they upgraded from school scribbles to a true design blog, Newniq in 2015. No longer about cute boys, their scribbles have matured into conceptual designs for living, furniture, travel, trends, and fashion lifestyles.

Julia’s training is in Art Direction and Illustration. The themes of design and interior design, all the beautiful things in the world are her oyster. Judith has a background in Event Management and is also a respected Marketing expert. She loves to track down the latest trends and has a thing for great space, finding special locations and events. The two have been through thick and thin for more than 30 years (one thicker, the other thinner) to make the ultimate business match. As the truffle piglets wander around, they have always had the right nose and love to share their travels, talk about their own madness, and of course, the latest trends.

Amira HarunaTerribelles

I have finally decided to start a blog. It is all new and absolutely exciting to share a part of my life with other fashion-minded peers and many others. You’re probably wondering who exactly is “me.” I am Amira, 21 years old, born in Frankfurt am Main, and I am crazy about shoes, especially sneakers in all colors and variations. Many people call me Ami Coco because my Dad gave me this nickname when I was little. Most of my blog is about fashion and lifestyle: I show my daily outfits, my inspirations, and ideas. I hope to connect with other “fashion addicts.” I am open to ideas, tips, tricks, and other special topics in the fashion world.


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March 7, 2019

10:00 am - 11:30 am


1st Floor, Schönholz (Big Room), Factory Berlin Mitte


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