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Join TrainersReview for its inaugural networking event with featured speakers Claas Kauenhowen and Sophia Jäckel who will speak about employee development and empowerment.

Employee development has become a buzzword these days, with millions being invested annually in corporate learning in the hopes of driving profits and promoting an employee-centered image. But what companies miss when they hire a trainer or coach to facilitate a training course is a focus on the individual employees’ needs. It is all too common that a company’s corporate culture is often at odds with its employee expectations, or even worse, misaligned with the actual skills these employees can bring to the table.

This evening is dedicated to exploring common misconceptions about employee development and promoting a greater understanding of how corporate learning can best serve both the employer and employee, shifting toward a more sustainable learning agenda that focuses on nurturing a company’s workers and helping them achieve their potential, which in turn will help the company to thrive.



18:30 – Arrival/Welcome

19:00 – TrainersReview Intro

19:05 – 1st Speaker: Claas Kauenhowen

19:30 – Break

19:45 – 2nd Speaker: Sophia Jäckel

20:10 – Moderated discussion with Q&A

20:30 – Networking


About TrainersReview

TrainersReview is dedicated to the advancement and development vital to every company’s success. Our goal is to foster a spirit of innovation and learning in order to transform corporate mindset. Through inventive workshops, compelling interviews and articles, and personalized training courses, we empower corporate clients and individuals to unleash their potential and embrace new, cutting-edge ways of working, leading, and creating change. By exploring central themes such as leadership, innovation, conflict resolution, communication and embracing new approaches like blockchain, we support companies and individuals in getting the skills and training they need to thrive. Our expert trainers are at the forefront of corporate transformation, so whether you’re seeking training in marketing, teamwork, Agile, or conflict resolution, we can help you achieve the results you’re searching for.



September 12, 2017

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Community Space,
Rheinsberger Straße 76/77


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