Startup Team Memberships

Join our dynamic ecosystem of talents, corporates, investors, and founders.

We curate the brightest minds from across industries and bring them together, providing a platform for innovation and collaboration.

Factory Berlin Startups doing team work in our Library space.
Community talking in the Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, The Creators Lab.
Community startup team talking in the Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park Cafe.
Berlin Film Society hosting a Q&A onstage in our cinema.
 Community Startups
 Community Startups
 Community Startups

Whether you are a newly founded startup or investor-backed and looking to grow, we have spaces for teams of all stages and sizes. Team members will receive full individual memberships giving them access to our network, buildings, digital offerings and events, as well as your dedicated space.

Discover the benefits of Factory Berlin Startup Team Membership.

Access our professional network Find exclusive opportunities with our empowerment partners Access to a curated programme of over 400+ events per year Special rates on event space bookings Digital networking tools and virtual programming 24/7 community workspaces including WiFi and storage lockers Bookable meeting rooms Member perks and discounts Free coffee, tea, and filtered water from community kitchens Company registration and postal service Yoga, HIIT and wellness classes
 Plans & Pricing
 Plans & Pricing
 Plans & Pricing
A photo of the shared startup lab space Startup Lab 2.1, for startup teams in Görlitzer Park.

Shared Lab

Located in Kreuzberg next to Görlitzer Park, our Startup Lab features Fixed Desks, ideal for early-stage startup teams who want to work alongside other high-potential young entrepreneurs and tech startups in Berlin.

When the time comes and your team outgrows your dedicated desk space, we offer a fuss-free transition into one of our Private Labs.

Our shared Startup Lab is ideal for smaller teams of up to 3 people.

A photo of our Private Labs for Startup teams or Corporate teams.

Private Lab

As your new startup grows, take advantage of the versatile startup studios available at both Factory Berlin locations.

Each of our Private Labs feature lockable spaces embedded within our larger community workspace. You’ll never miss a beat, the latest startup news or events.

These Private Labs are suitable for teams of up to 18.

An exterior photo of Factory Berlin Mitte, which has community space, startup labs and event spaces.

Growth Lab

Our membership options grow with your startup, offering more space and more independence for your team, whilst remaining at the heart of our community.

Growth Labs offer spaces for larger teams of 12 or more people, including private access to a full floor in one of our locations.

Discover more labs and workspaces to support your team and business to flourish.

 Factory Berlin startup Accountable fully automates tax registration for freelancers +++
 Factory Berlin startup Accountable fully automates tax registration for freelancers +++
 Factory Berlin startup Accountable fully automates tax registration for freelancers +++
“Having been an individual member, I knew I needed to bring my whole team here - the community is vibrant, there's so much going on.”
Lubomila Jordanova, Founder & CEO
Plan A
“Factory Berlin is the place to be for early-stage startups. The community is amazing - it's a real institution in the city, so I feel very much in the right place here. ”
Ludwig Henne, CEO & Co-Founder
“It’s really good to have access to this talent pool - there are a lot of very talented people in the community.”
Matthew Klimpke, Co-Founder & CEO
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Startup 2
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