Blockchain Brunch: DAOs and Decentralised Communities


Jul 6th 2022
11:00 – 13:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
5th Floor, Cinema

Can DAOs, the next big thing in decentralised technology, be leveraged to build and bridge communities across multiple locations?

In May 2021, Factory Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg opened its doors to a community of changemakers, primed to launch ideas that will create lasting impact.

Since then, Factory Berlin and its team have been on a journey to build a new community at Factory Hammerbrooklyn and bridge it with our existing community-based in Berlin.

Along with several members of the community, Ivan Flores and Daud Zulfacar, captains of Factory Berlin’s Blockchain Circle join us onstage to discuss how DAOS can be used to bridge communities across locations.

Join us to learn how community building can become democratised with a DAO approach.


Factory Berlin member Daud Zulfacar is founder of, a fully customizable NFT white label platform specialising in the topic of licensing.

He is supporting the Berlin Blockchain week, Berchain and heading the working group NFT and Metaverse at the Bundesblock. Daud is an active member of the Factory Berlin community and a co-captain of the Factory Berlin Blockchain Circle.

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Ivan Flores, born and raised in Hermosillo, México, works as a Product Manager and deep-diving into DAOs to find new and better ways to coordinate humans for good.

Ivan is an active member of the Factory Hammerbrooklyn community and a captain of the new Factory Hammerbrooklyn Blockchain Circle.

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Petra Podobnik is a community & ecosystem lead at TZ Connect – Berlin branch of Tezos Foundation that supports projects and companies building on Tezos and bridges different players within the ecosystem.

Previously, she worked on community programs, members’ experience, and various strategic projects at Factory Berlin. As a community builder within Web3, she keeps an eye on physical and digital tools that bring the communities together, and all the new possibilities and challenges that DAOs create.

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