Happy Hour: Games Circle Takeover


Oct 14th 2022
17:30 – 20:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
Creators Lab

This Happy Hour, we’re getting together, relaxing after work, and having some drinks as usual — and we’re also playing games.

If you’re in the games industry or the wider games community, this is an opportunity to connect with other game afficionados and hobbyists over a relaxed drink. If you haven’t yet dabbled in the world of games, this is an opportunity to have fun, learn something new, hear about exciting projects and developments, meet new people, and let your inner child play and be curious.

Developers in Berlin will showcase the latest games they’re working on, and you will have the chance to test them and give feedback — all while mingling and enjoying good company, of course.

  • PLANet B - WhalesDontFly Studios
  • CarBox - Hues Games
  • Rogue Nation - Moonlit Games
  • Slopper Johnson: Graviton Agent - Horizont Computergrafik
  • Gaze Into Fate - IKOUYO
  • To the Stars - Stellar Cartography Interactive UG
  • Shark Based Shooter Game - Shark_Cove
  • Train 4 Science - Freelance


This event is hosted by the Games Circle at Factory Berlin. We’re open to everyone regardless of background and won’t tolerate any form of discrimination.


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