Role Models Conversation: Startup Sustainably with Anna Alex


Mar 10th 2021
12:00 – 13:00


Online Video Stream
Online Video Stream

Anna Alex co-founded her first company, OUTFITTERY, with a vision to disrupt the online shopping experience. Having grown OUTFITTERY to 250 employees serving 1 million customers across 9 European markets, Alex set her sights on the next challenge: planet-positive change.

Now as the founder and CCO (Chief Customer Officer) of Planetly, a climate-tech-company, Alex is providing companies with the digital tools enabling companies to analyze, reduce and compensate their CO2 emissions.

Alex joins us onstage to share her founder’s journey, to discuss her pivot into climate tech and most importantly, to tell us more how to design our businesses with a sustainability first approach.

About the Series

This International Women’s Month, Google for Startups and Factory Berlin are joining up for a special event series for current and aspiring female founders.

This series is for all women who are ready to break gender-based barriers and stereotypes, to grow their skills, and to drive meaningful change.

In addition to this event, join for Role Models Kick-off Event and Role Models Panel: Pitching Your Startup (And Yourself) to the Media.

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From 2012 to 2018, Anna Alex successfully built up the Personal Shopping Service OUTFITTERY.

In 2019, she has joined the climate initiative “Leaders for Climate Action”, launched by more than 100 digital entrepreneurs in Germany.

Inspired by the initiative’s goals and driven by the wish to deal with the climate crisis actively and entrepreneurially, she has founded Planetly together with Benedikt Franke.

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Planetly is a climate-tech-company developing digital tools enabling companies to analyze, reduce and compensate their CO2 emissions.   Planetly’s plans to make the business world carbon-neutral.

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