Women's Circle Meetup Event

Finding Your Voice (And Customers) In A Crowded Market


Dec 3rd 2020
10:00 – 13:00


Online Video Stream

Your voice is important. It’s part of who you are, what you care about & how you present yourself to the world. It shows why you’re unique.

The words you choose and the tone you create help other people get to know you and understand who you are. This is true for your business’s voice as well.

The voice you set for your business is key to helping prospective customers find your business, get to know your business, and trust your business as the unique, consistent brand it should be.

But how do you find your voice amidst a crowded world of other voices? How do you separate your own brand from all of the others like yours? How do you determine what your voice should even be?

In this brunch, we will discuss these topics with a panel of different women who express their unique voice through different platforms and mediums, and have an interactive online workshop to help you find your own voice and find customers!

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Growing organically from our members’ desire to connect with one another, Circles are self-organized sub-communities at Factory Berlin, gathered around shared interests, industries, and projects, where members exchange ideas, inspire and support each other.

In the Women’s Circle women gather to network and share resources—empowering each other to reach goals, make new ones and move towards them.

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