HEC meets Hamburg’s Startup Ecosystem


Apr 15th 2024
15:00 – 18:00


Factory Hammerbrooklyn
Community Hub - Townhall

The X-HEC Entrepreneurs' European Learning Expedition, an educational initiative by business school HEC and École Polytechnique, will visit Factory Hammerbrooklyn in a session hosted by NCA this April. Participants will engage in various activities designed to connect with the European ecosystem, foster connections and understand local markets' dynamics.

Highlights include immersive visits to leading companies in renewable energies and recycling, informal walks for idea exchange, and discussions on responsible travel and ecological transition. The program seeks partners for collaboration to tailor future educational trips, promising a blend of learning and action for responsible and innovative entrepreneurship.

If you'd like to join the event, simply come by the Community Hub. No signup needed. Please note this is a member only event.