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It’s Not a Gender Thing: Masculinity & Femininity Workshop

The topic of femininity and masculinity has been coming up more and more these days.

But what is it to be feminine and masculine? And what are the underlying truths and untruths that may have been overlooked?

In this deep process-oriented workshop, we will take a look at how each person understands masculinity and femininity and how its true and untrue forms play out in each of us.

This evening isn’t about discussing women or male roles as gender, but rather about the paradigms of ‘leading life by dominance and force’ as the old approach and ‘holistic empowerment as a person who’s responsible for their own life and reality” as the new approach.

We will also look into: how to identify untrue traits that lead you to the realms of victimhood (dependence) and (independence) as opposed to interdependence.
The root of different traits (such as victimhood, guilt, neediness, expectation, inferiority, too much control, power games, blame, aggression, superiority, demands, etc.) that block you from flow, creativity, joy, inspiration, mastership, etc.

Please note that this workshop will be about taking a look at the ideas mentioned above and processing how that has an impact on each person. It will be part discussion part group coaching.

Time: 18:00 – 20:30
Location: Factory Berlin – Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 (1st floor)

*This workshop is sponsored by Bumble.

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About the facilitator – 
Jazmin Medrano (from Unfettered Living):

Jazmin has an inviting quality, one that gives space for people to go to depths within themselves. She has an empathetic and intuitive approach, whilst also using her radar of mental trickery to get her clients on track. She gives space for anything to emerge since in her perspective, there is no right or wrong, there is only what is [what is vs. your story about what is].

She is a transformational coach, consultant, speaker, connector, and performance artist with over 17 years of work experience. She is passionate about [self] expression, transformation, and human dynamics. Her lively and entrepreneurial spirit supports individuals and companies to become aware of their limitations, and unleash their innate potential.

Prior to coaching, she worked at Universal Music in LA and Miami for 8 years with numerous artists across the US and Latin America, spearheading an array of digital [transformation], sales, & marketing initiatives. Jazmin studied at California State University of Northridge in Business Administration: Marketing, as well as Philosophy. She completed a coaching course and has participated in numerous workshops and training courses to expand and be able to better support her clients.



May 16, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


1st Floor, Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


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