Pitch Training Workshop


Sep 27th 2023
17:00 – 20:00


Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park
1st Floor, Community Hub

Pitch Training Workshop is a safe space for professionals & startups to practice their pitch sales & investor pitch with a pitch expert providing feedback, public speaking, and storytelling training.

The audience of fellow professionals & founders is a key part of the event as everyone will be invited to comment and give constructive feedback, as well as learning by viewing other founders’ pitches.

Participants can join as audience members or as pitchers. For each pitch, we will allow 10 minutes of presentation time followed by 15 minutes of feedback. Your expert facilitator will capture all feedback on a whiteboard so you have clear to-dos following your practice.

One pitch and the connected feedback can last a maximum of 30 minutes.

What to expect:

  • Very little theory;
  • Lots of pitching practice;
  • Honest constructive feedback;
  • Encouragement from your peers;
  • Strategic storytelling advice;
  • Hands on tactical speaking and presentation tips.

At the time of registration participants can say if they want to just listen or also practice their pitch.

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  • 17:00 - 17:30
    Doors Open
  • 17:30 - 20:00
    Pitches & Feedback
Image from the Business Storytelling Masterclass with Matteo Cassese, at Factory Berlin.

My name is Matteo Cassese, and I help business people like you:

  • Deliver TED-level talks & presentations. On stage, I want you to be attractive, persuasive, and charismatic.
  • Run great meetings. You must show clarity, confidence, and leadership in the boardroom.
  • Win job interviews. It’s my job to help you get the promotion they deserve.

If you see yourself in these three situations: I help you be brave when you get nervous, and I make your stories simple, clear, and convincing. I do this by helping you turn hard facts and numbers into exciting stories.

Working with me is like having an extra teammate.  I’ll boost your pace, smooth your path, and lift your spirits.
I just need to know your goals. When you tell me, I’ll keep you accountable to ensure you meet them.

In the past 2 decades, I’ve worked with professionals at top corporates, startups, and scaleups.

When my nephew asks me what I do, I tell him I’m a story wizard for businesses. But in the industry, they call me a business storytelling coach.

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