People & Spaces Circle Event: Repurposing Spaces

Repurposing Spaces


Jan 27th 2021
18:00 – 20:00


Online Video Stream
Online Video Stream

'Constant change is the only constant and challenge in life' - Heraklit

Join Factory Berlin's People & Spaces Circle to take a look at the change of spaces and places in Berlin and the threats but also chances behind it.

Since the 1990’s Berlin is in a fast-forward mode of constant transformation. Buildings, places and institutions are coined with new meanings, have to adapt, are re-purposed & face new challenges. A new era introduced by Covid-19 just speeded up this development.

We've invited Lutz Leichsenring, spokesperson of the Clubcommission Berlin, Alexander S. Wolf, Founder of Aussergewöhnlich Berlin and representative of Transiträume Berlin, Tatjana Kaube from Kulturraum Berlin GmbH, and Dipl. Ing. Clemens Kampermann, architect and director at gmp - von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects, currently leading the transformation project of Tegel Airport, to talk about the transformation of places and spaces in Berlin.

Please note this is an online stream event and there will be no in-person attendance. Guests must RSVP on Eventbrite and will receive the livestream link in advance of the event via email.

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Lutz Leichsenring

Lutz Leichsenring is an entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker and night time economy, -culture and -community activist. He is also the founder of the Creative Footprint, and one of the world’s leading authorities on protecting creative industries. He is the spokesperson and board member of the Club Commission, Co-Founder of VibeLab and project initiator of United We Stream.

tatjana kaube_photos

Since 2020 Tatjana Kaube is part of the management of Kulturraum Berlin GmbH. The Organisation (society) is part of the project Kultur Räume Berlin, an alliance with the intention to save space for the creative work of the Freien Szene Berlins. Tatjana Kaube used to work at the berlin “Rotes Rathaus”, set up the Musicboard Berlin and worked as a consultant for culture and sport for the governing mayor.

Alexander Wolf has been studying the nature of networks, social groups, and building and maintaining relationships between people for 20 years. After founding the Berlin radio station Kiss FM, working with the Founder-Institute Berlin and setting up the Clubcommission, which he co-founded, he learned the craft of networking in the world league of diplomacy: for almost 10 years he was responsible for PR activities of embassies and international cultural institutes in Berlin and advised ambassadors in their “public diplomacy” in Germany.

In 2009, he founded his own network AusserGewöhnlich Berlin and dedicates himself as an expert and author to a new scientific discipline, dictyonomy – the study of proper networking.

Transiträume Berlin is a project launched by Aussergewöhnlich Berlin. It offers Temporary spaces for urban society. Temporarily designing available spaces. It is real estate networked with creative development potentials in a value-creating process. Common rules are set as security for art and owners and a mediation of temporary use concepts for the real estate industry executed.

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The architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) are an architectural firm with its founding headquarters in Hamburg and offices worldwide. With their generalist approach and over fifty years of experience, they realize projects in dialogue with clients and the planning disciplines involved, at every scale and cultural context, in every planning phase and on every continent. Dipl. Ing. Clemens Kampermann will give us an overview of the Tegel Airport transformation project.

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