Innovation Driver
 Innovation Driver
 Innovation Driver

Innovation Driver events connect global corporates and SMEs, with the brightest minds from Factory Berlin’s community of startups, solopreneurs, creatives, and students, in order to develop impactful business solutions.

The event series fosters new methods of idea generation, and opens the door to new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration.


HR / Talent Scouting

Innovation Management

Digital Transformation

Market Research

Explore Sustainable Futures

Venture Scouting

Agile Business Development

Product Creation


Be part of our Innovation Driver

Through co-creation with a selection of professionals from our ecosystem, you have the opportunity to get your company fit for the future, and also introduce new innovation strategies to your business. Discover potential venture partnerships or additional revenue streams.

Ready to promote your brand, grow your business and network, and collaborate with a curated ecosystem of global experts?

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Hackathon Team
An exterior photo of Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park.
Create Prototype (Feasible Code)
Software Development Sprint
Digital Transformation
App Development (Prototype / UX / Data)
Connect technologies (Blockchain / IoT / AI)
IT Infrastructure Optimisation

Hackathon Team Structure

Backend Developer handles data/content management, API Integrations, security.

Frontend Developer mediates between complex software program and intuitive user journey.

UX Designer creating the feel and journey through a digital product.

Product Manager monitoring the working process, operational management within the team.

Business / Domain Expert provides an in-depth understanding of the problem and topic. Creates focus and keeps track of the product development in regards to the particular goal.

Data Analyst provides the required information for product development derived from data sets on the topic or a particular branch. Curate statistics and diagrams as foundation for fast goal-oriented decision-making.

Thinkathon Team
An image of an event being held outside Factory Berlin Mitte.
Explore ideas with internal experts
Knowledge Transfer
Discover & reach new targets
Conceptualisation of business ideas
Ideate strategic & structural solutions
Idea Validation
Preparation for idea implementation
Develop innovation mission map

Thinkathon Team Structure


Understands the core problem, and facilitates a working process. They’re experts in the field of the challenge.


They’re here for new ideas and are the creative mind of the group. Creative, Product Developer, Business Developer


Mediator between the observer and inventor, choosing the most feasible ideas based on a deeper understanding of the problem.


Implementing solutions into existing business models, deriving new business from solution. Operations Expert, Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Project Lead in the field of the challenge.

Patrons & Experts

Discover a new way to accelerate idea generation and innovation.