When we opened our new location, Factory Görlitzer Park, we had 14,000 square meters and five floors to fill, and who better to help fill it than Urban Drivestyle? Urban Drivestyle was originally formed as an “electric only” bike and scooter rental company located on the Island of Mallorca. However, Urban Drivestyle has since become far more than this. Customers were seeking out rugged, powerful and cool e-bikes that the market couldn’t deliver. This is where Urban Drivestyle came in with the development of their previously named MOKE bike. After a successful round of crowdfunding in February 2017, they sold over 200 bikes across 40 countries in just a few weeks. This success laid the foundation for the future of the company and acted as a catalyst for their big ideas to grow. The result? A complete redesign of the MOKE, and the introduction of the UNIMOKE. A mere ten months after introducing their product to the market, Urban Drivestyle moved to Berlin and set up camp at Factory.