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Join a global network of interdisciplinary talent.

Meet your co-founder. Connect with investors. Collaborate with corporate partners. Hire freelancers. Grow your team. Find new clients.

Gain new skills and network at events. Find a mentor to support your journey. Hold meetings in beautiful locations. Catch a break from your home office.

A photo from The Creative Code launch event.
Factory Berlin members access all our community events like Fireside Chats.
Work from creatives on Factory Berlin membership.
Work from creative startups on Factory Berlin membership.
A woman onstage is handed the microphone to give her startup pitch.

Become a member of our interdisciplinary innovation community.

All members gain access to an interdisciplinary community of professionals. Our curated network will support you in realizing your creative and entrepreneurial ambitions. It will inspire you, and give you, your work and your ideas a home.

Factory Berlin Network Membership includes access to…

Our curated network and community

Factory Berlin Slack (Premium)

Factory Berlin’s Digital Members Platform

Exclusive opportunities with our empowerment partners

A curated program of over 400+ events per year

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We know that your projects and businesses are fast-moving. No day is ever the same. Our modular approach means you can choose the add-ons you need, when you need them.

Network Membership

Full access to our curated network
Full access to our digital tools
Full access to our events & programming
+ Campus Day Pass for €20 net (€23.80 incl. VAT) ?
+ Company Registration, €30 net monthly (€35.70 incl. VAT) ?

Network + Campus Membership

Full access to our curated network
Full access to our digital tools
Full access to our events & programming
Full access to any of our Berlin or Hamburg locations
Includes all campus facilities: coffee, tea, wifi, printing, lockers + showers
Includes 2 hours of meeting room booking
+ Company Registration, €30 net monthly (€35.70 incl. VAT) ?

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“Factory Berlin is an essential part of our learning experience here at CODE. It’s giving us that opportunity to meet the experts and leaders in the industry.”
Fran Khayat, Student
CODE University of Applied Sciences
“At Factory Berlin you meet other focused and hard-working people, but it’s in a more mixed and social environment.”
Harry Yeff, Artist in Residence
Reeps 100
“It's an ecosystem that enables us to grow faster, and test things when we need to test them.”
Diane Delava, Co-Founder
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