17th September, 2020

Explore the rich and ever-changing food and beverage industry

Factory Berlin and KitchenTown Berlin present

Next Bite Show

A live online event experience, bringing leaders from the industry up close with the audience. Meet the CEOs of your favourite food & beverage brands, and be the first to hear about the next big innovations in FoodTech.

  • Explore Tech Solutions of tomorrow
  • Learn about circular thinking & sustainability in the food system
  • Discover alternatives to traditional protein sources
  • Hospitality: Is 2020 a turning point?
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16:30 – 21:00


Emanuel Pallua – Founder at Aitme

Aitme – Your personal chef, anytime, anywhere. We are revolutionizing the food game for your company. Our state-of-the-art robotic kitchen chef prepares every meal individually: always fresh and tasty – and ready to serve in under 5 minutes for your employees.

Patrick Deufel – Head of Business Development at Infarm

Infarm is the world’s largest urban farming platform, providing vertical farming and intelligent solutions for food production, with a mission to make cities self-sufficient and sustainable.



The Infarm network produces 250,000 plants per month in more than 1,000 modular farms in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Dinah Hoffmann – Research Assistant at Kantine der Zukunft

The Kantine Zukunft Berlin, funded by the Berlin Senate Administration for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination, is a project that facilitates the sustainable transformation of Berlin’s public communal gastronomy.



Through active and long-term consultation in canteen kitchens, with seminars, workshops as well as networking events, we are changing the urban canteen landscape towards more quality and appreciation.

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Pascal Bieri – Co-Founder Planted Foods

Planted Foods is a Swiss ETH-spinoff that makes meat from plants – delicious, healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable. We want to revolutionise the way people perceive and consume meat on a global scale



by changing everyday eating habits from animal to plant-based proteins, to massively reduce the negative impacts of animal agriculture on the planet.

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Franziska Lienert – Public Affairs & Movement Specialist at Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is Europe’s leading company for fighting food waste. With the app of the same name, restaurants and retailers can offer overproduced food at reduced prices to people who pick it up themselves, so there is no need to waste it at the end of the day.



In addition, Too Good To Go is working on the reduction of food waste in the areas of households, schools, businesses and politics.

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Saskia Hoebee – VC Associate at Five Seasons Ventures

Five Seasons Ventures is a Paris-based venture capital firm entirely focused on innovative agrifood tech companies that create a healthier, more sustainable and more efficient food supply chain.

Eva Sommer – Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer) at Peace of Meat

Peace of Meat is a B2B supplier of cultured meat and advancing the technology for cultivated fat and liver to supply it to customers in the food industry as an ingredient to help them make their products tasty, healthy and sustainable.



The company is forging scientific and commercial partnerships to cover the entire value chain, to speed up research and production processes and to incentivize the industry in general.

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Jonas Bieber – Co-founder at DÖRRWERK 
DÖRRWERK is a Berlin-based startup, specialising on reducing food waste. In cooperation with different partners in the food industry we find circular solutions for food waste problems.

Max Kochen – Founder at beets&roots

beets&roots was founded by a Michelin star chef and a business savvy entrepreneur. The inspiration? The lack of freshly prepared, healthy lunch options throughout Germany. The motivation? To become the destination for delicious, seasonal, health-conscious food.

Alexander Holzknecht – Country Manager Germany at Motatos

Motatos is a Swedish e-commerce company with a mission: to save food from overproduction from being disposed of by reselling it online at discounted prices.

Nicolas Hartmann – Co-Founder & Managing Director at vly

vly is a Berlin-based FoodTech startup developing dairy products based on plant proteins. Their 1st product line is a range of milk alternatives that are being distributed at Rewe & Edeka as well as online.

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