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Mankind tends to be kind of lachrymose. The human being often seems to live in the past – everyone seems to talk about the good old times. But the past has passed and we have no chance to change it or even to go back. So it makes no sense to grieve for it. The fact is, we live permanently in the present age, looking straight to the future.

The message is: stop moaning, start living. Now.
The goal is to create a presence that never needs to think about the good old times

Artist: Vidam The Weird

DJs: Aggro York, Mr.Mumble, Vidam The Weird

About the artist
Vidam is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator. As part of the graffiti and street art crew ‘The Weird’ he loves traveling around the globe and painting walls and murals. Typical for Vidam is creating funny and complex illustrations for international clients and painting canvases. At the moment he likes to work on wooden boards and graphic shapes in his characters.

About the curator and how to buy an artwork
Street Art Berlin is a network for urban art, a platform for street art and partner for reports, photos, commissions, projects, creative constulting, exhibitions…and more. Street Art Berlin proudly presents a choice of local, national and international street artists and their amazing artworks  at Factory Berlin. Of course all artpieces are FOR SALE.

Are you interested in one of the current show or you can not forget a piece of the previous one?

Just let us know and we will take care of handling, certificate, shipping and insurances until the art is at its new home. for SALES and all other INQUIRIES: hello@streetartbln.com

instagram: _street_art_berlin_
facebook: StreetArtBLN



November 2, 2018

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Factory Kitchen, Mitte


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