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The time has come: It’s time for true and utter change.

We’ve all likely seen this inspirational quote on our newsfeed at some point “be the change you wish to see in the world.” While poignant on social media, the phrase does little to capture the fear that accompanies any looming transformation.

Let’s be real, change is tough. In fact, it can be downright scary; whether it’s changing the way we are, our behavior, or change on the outside (change in jobs, environment, etc.). And according to neuroscience, our modern-day brains process change in much the same way our reptilian-brained ancestors once did, as one big ol’ threat. Moreover, making people act out of survival.

Whether you are looking to change the direction of your company, your career path, or the way you feel about or respond to life, true sustainable change won’t happen until you have gotten and worked with both your inner world and the outer world.

During this special event, your highly skilled change-facilitators will delve deep into the topic of change in order to drive this point home: a shift can happen internally or externally, but only when both are established and fully integrated – change is sustainably happening.

They’ll also present the topic of having an impact and how to get the context and dynamics we are all moving in.

Their insights will not only empower you to take responsibility for your own change process but will also give you practical tools to take steps forward on your own transformational journey.

This event will be part workshop, part self-inquiry, part networking, part open discussion.


18:30 – arrival & exercise to engage with the evenings topic and connect with others

19:00 – Welcome & intro to evening’s topic

19:15 – 1st speaker

19:30 – Short break

19:35- Exercise (with demonstration)

20:00 – 2nd speaker

20:15 – Open group discussion

20:40 – Networking

21:00 – After Drinks at a location nearby

This event is both a stand alone event as well as an introductory event to the conference that will follow in Spring 2019. The conference will be on the same subject and will go more into depth.

1st Speaker – Claas Kauenhowen – Entrepreneur, Founder, Strategist, Speaker, Trainer & Coach – www.linkedin.com/in/kauenhowen

2nd Speaker – Jazmin Medrano – Transformational Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Performance Artist – www.linkedin.com/in/jazminmedrano | www.unfetteredliving.com

*Agenda is subject to change.



November 27, 2018

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Community Lounge, Factory Berlin Mitte


Member Event, Public Events

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