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For this second chapter of Communities Corner, we welcome Niklas Henckell, the Head of Community at Jodel, where he is responsible for moderation, community communication, support and, in parts, product development.

Jodel is a location based social media that focuses on enabling everyone to interact in an easy and intuitive way with the community around them. Because of this focus on the location of each user, the communities at Jodel grow very differently than other communities. The fact that every city is a different community means there is considerable work needed to maintain and strengthen the framework in which those communities thrive so that users in South America have as much fun as users in the EU or elsewhere.

One of the core pillars in achieving this on scale is user moderation. Efficient user moderation means speed and the ability to handle an increasing number of flags on a daily basis. It also means Jodel is able to really involve their users in designing the platform. In Niklas’s own words: “For us it was always clear that we wanted to build this platform together with our users and involve them as much as possible. We didn’t want to draw the lines and judge all the edge cases for our community. Our vision of a community includes giving them the right tools to thrive and make Jodel the awesome place that it is right now”.

But how do you measure the quality of your user moderation system? And how can you ensure a good balance between the users’ subjective assessment of a post, and the objectivity of your guidelines?

Jodel: https://jodel-app.com/



July 25, 2017

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Lounge Area 1st Floor,
Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
Berlin, 10115 Germany


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