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Introduction to Collapsology and post-climate futures.
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Covid19 and the climate crisis are signs that our current reality is going to be changing maybe even faster than before. But to what?

Will we evolve into a green technocracy? Or in fact will Trump be replaced by eco-fascism?

Will there still be borders or internet? Will cities be abandoned and life centered around small communities?

To understand our possible futures, we’ll provide an introduction to the various factors that hint at a very possible collapse of our existing society, how to visualize potential futures and prepare for the one we want to fight for.

This workshop brings together principles from collapsology, future scenarios from David Holmgren, deep adaptation movement, permaculture and much more.

We’ll spend the first 30 minutes with a theoretical introduction, follow on with some group exercises on future scenarios and walk out with a bit more clarity on potential futures and why that matters for you, your startup and society as a whole.


About the Speaker


This is an event organised by our dear member Ricardo Silva, you can learn more about him here.


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April 9

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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