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Have you ever wondered if there is an open source code registry with issue tracker and CI runner? This and even more is GitLab. The great, community driven project which has proven its stability and plays now in the top league.

DigitalOcean has already recognized this potential and provides a One-click install and deploy GitLab integration. Moreover DigitalOcean has published many GitLab related tutorials.

This time we invited top GitLab contributors Adam, Grzegorz and Kamil to share with us their knowledge and experience.


18:00–18:20: Eat, drink, mingle

18:20–18:30: Introductions

18:30–19:15: “How to run an open source project” by Adam Niedzielski (@niedzielskiadam), Developer

“Who benefits from open source? Everyone. In 2017 it is really difficult to find a tech company that uses zero open source libraries or tools. It is also no longer a surprise that open source can earn money. But… How to get this money? Which funding models can you use? How to coordinate work on a large open source project which receives 50 new issues every day?

During this presentation I would like to share my experience from working at GitLab. I will talk about different ways of funding open source and which model was selected by GitLab. You will learn how we triage issues created by our community, how we encourage new people to contribute to GitLab and how we review and coach merge requests. We have a lot of contributors, a few people working full time just with the community and some established policies so this should be an interesting story.”

19:15–19:30: More eating, drinking, and mingling

19:30–20:15: “Effective Continuous Integration” by Grzegorz Bizon (@GrzegorzBizon), Senior Developer at GitLab Inc.

“Continuous Integration is really popular development practice that gained a lot of traction recently. However, it sometimes happens that teams are experiencing problems their CI solution, which effectively makes development slower or even cumbersome. During this talk I will present some common problems with CI that you are likely to encounter when your project and team are growing fast.”

20:15–20:30: Short break to prepare for the grand finale

20:30–21:15: “How to build a modern deployment pipeline with GitLab CI and Kubernetes?” by Kamil Trzciński (@ayufanpl), CI Lead at GitLab Inc.

“Everyone talks about Pipelines nowadays. This talk will demystify how to use a GitLab CI to build yet another pipeline, but the pipeline that is using Kubernetes for your tests and deployments. We will deep dive into how to run your application on Kubernetes and also use Kubernetes to host the review apps, allowing you to live test each merge request.”


About the speakers

Adam Niedzielski (@niedzielskiadam)

Adam is a programmer that loves teaching people how to write code and sharing his knowledge. He enjoys conferences and local programming meetups as an attendee, speaker and organizer. Adam is obsessed with clean code, but he never forgets that the technology exists to serve its users. He is really proud of his blog. In his free time Adam plays board games, drinks craft beer or explores new cities without checking a map.

Kamil Trzciński (@ayufanpl)

Kamil is a low-level programming enthusiast with years of experience in building apps for all platforms. He is also a security, virtualization and graphics expert with a variety of programming languages in his toolkit together with deep operating systems architecture knowledge. He’s currently CI Lead at GitLab when he is responsible for building a Docker/Kubernetes-based next generation continuous integration and deployment system. In his spare time, he runs, a lot, cycle and plays good games, although not all at the same time.

Grzegorz Bizon (@GrzegorzBizon)

Grzegorz is a developer who has worked on open-source projects since 2002. He enjoys creating software that people actually love using, so GitLab was an obvious choice for his next company to work at. Before joining GitLab, Grzegorz worked in a startup environment on introducing new technologies and improving software quality. Then, after a few years of exploring the corporate galaxy, he decided to move to a startup environment again. In his free time Grzegorz enjoys running in the forest and reading three books almost at once.



February 27, 2017

6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


5th Floor, Bistro, Factory Berlin Mitte,
Rheinsberger Straße 76/77


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